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Here are a collection of forms, documents and articles that will either be required
during the process, or, are just interesting reading.

NCCP – National Consumer Credit Protection Act.
What is NCCP? (248kb PDF)
Credit Guide
(68kb PDF)
Privacy Statement (238kb PDF)
Client Needs Analysis (416kb PDF)

Statutory Declaration (86kb PDF)

Applying for your first loan (1.2MB PDF)
Factors to consider before switching loans (1.1MB PDF)
How much can I borrow (1.2MB PDF)
Identifying a good investment property (1.4MB PDF)
Taking control of your finances (1.6MB PDF)
Understanding property in self managed super funds (1.4MB PDF)
Get Your Free Credit File
Family Guarantee Loan (225kb PDF)
SR Moving House Checklist (254kb PDF)
Negative vs Positive Investment Strategies Explained (1.1MB PDF)
Investing in Property as your first… (748kb PDF)
Insurance appraisal… (589kb PDF)
Rising Interest Rates… (635kb PDF)
Managing Mortgage Stress… (846kb PDF)
5 Reasons to call your broker… (183kb PDF)
Superannuation Working for You (812kb PDF)
Steps to a Successful Renovation (1.1MB PDF)
Investing in Property Sitting on the Fence (904kb PDF)
Redraw vs Offset Account (221kb PDF)
Lessons from Reality TV Reno (2,536kb PDF)
Debt Reduction Methods Calculator (2,507kb xls)

LMI Young Family Case Study (403kb PDF)

Parents Help Your Kids (580kbs PDF)

100 Things to do without spending money (186kb PDF)

20 Hot Tips for Staying Cool (197Kbs PDF)